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Posted by in MSX, Retro, Stupidity | June 08, 2016

Today Sander Zuidema (snout) has published a note about me and the MSX Association in the MSX Resource Center. Here it is:

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This post contains a few wrong assumptions.

I’ve received already several emails regarding this from MSX users around the world (mostly Brazil, probably because of the time zone), so let me correct the wrong statements before I get too many emails to reply one by one:

In a mail sent on MSX Association’s behalf by Javi Lavandeira to an undisclosed group of MSX scene members, they are requesting MSX developers to send in their MSX games and/or applications so that they can be used in compatibility tests.

This was in early May. The deadline was May 9th and I already sent to the MSX Association all the software received. Please do not send me more games or applications for testing.

Only a few days before, he was looking for MSX developers that wanted to distribute their software in Japan.

No. In my tweet and Facebook posts I asked for software developers or distributors from outside Japan. Sander incorrectly assumes that I’m looking for people who want to distribute their software in Japan.

Here’s the original tweet from April 21st. My tweet doesn’t say anything about distributing anything in Japan:

There also seems to be a link with the newly established Compile-o, as this picture of Carbuncle and Puyo merchandise indicates he paid a visit to Moo Niitani.

No. My visits to Mr. Niitani are completely unrelated to the MSX Association. This is another wrong assumption from Sander.

Either way, it would appear a next wave of MSX revival is coming!

This is a wrong deduction based on the previous wrong assumptions. Posting these suppositions as if they were news is highly unprofessional.

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  1. AxelStone on said:

    Although the post is not right it should be great some kind of collaboration between west and east software developers. MSX scene is really fragmented

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