Junk Jack’s Russian Roulette

Posted by in Fun, Games | December 07, 2011

This is not a game review, it’s a rant.

Probably you’ve heard already about Junk Jack by Pixbits. It’s an iPod touch/iPhone mining game, similar to Minecraft, but two-dimensional and not so advanced in what you can build. The game is open and simple: you ‘farm’ stuff by destroying the blocks that make up the game world, and then you use those blocks to build stuff (tools, weapons, furniture, etc). The graphics are adorable in pure 8-bit fashion and the music and sound effects are good. Search online if you want a real review.

But Pixbits dudes, this is 2011. Why can’t you code a game doesn’t crash? This game crashes often when opening the inventory. This would just be a minor annoyance if it wasn’t for the fact that every time the game crashes you lose every item in your inventory. Yeah, that’s right: maybe you spent an hour farming minerals for building some tools, or stone to build a house. Then, when your bag is full, you go back to unload in a chest, the game crashes, and you come back to the game with an empty bag! This is very, very annoying.

The temporary solution is to back up your inventory every once in a while, then restore the items after a crash. The fact that these menu options exist indicate that the developers know about this issue.

Hopefully these guys will fix this soon. I’ve been mining Hell out of the game (yeah!) and that’s where I’m building my home!

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