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Posted by in Computer Security, Crime, Internet, Personal | July 05, 2012

I just realized now that, the domain name that I had been using for over 12 years, has been stolen. It’s pointing to a site in Russia and is hosting what appears to be a web aggregator.

I’m not really going to pursue this because the domain was worthless. I just had an email address there that I barely used. I kept it because from time to time some old friend or another sent me an email there. Plus, another person had an address on my server (JPGrobler: if you read this, now you know why your email address isn’t working anymore, I’m sorry).

So remember, if you want to contact me via email, my current email address is, not the old at the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, just for nostalgia.

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  1. Eric H. on said:

    No wonder, so that’s what happened! I was cleaning out some old bookmarks I had from years back and tried to visit your old site. At first I thought you moved to Russia or sold the domain, too bad. I was going through your blog and found this post. Keep up the good work!

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