Anti-nuclear protesters peaceful? No, not really.

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Look at this video. This is how typical anti-nuclear protesters in Japan react when you try and talk to them.

So violent. How do you reason with someone like this? This is why you hear so much from anti-nuclear protesters, but you don’t hear from us pro-nuclear: anti-nuclear are many, irrational, violent and (most of them) don’t understand what they’re talking about. Because of this, pro-nuclear people feel threatened and prefer not to say anything.

Most of the song is insults, threats and yakuza-speak, but he also manages to drop a nice amount of lies (maybe just because he doesn’t understand what he’s talking about).

Let me clarify a few of them:

With technologies like solar power and other renewables, we can get all the electricity we need without nuclear power… and cheaply, too.

No. This has been discussed again and again in many places. Most of these aren’t economically viable, or just won’t work in a country like Japan that doesn’t have the resources. But hey, maybe I’m mistaken. Show me real data that proves that we can depend on the renewables, and I will happily agree with you.

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We could shut down all the nuclear plants and easily make up the difference by operating our hydroelectric…

No, you can’t. There aren’t enough places where you can build a hydro plant in Japan. The biggest is the Kanagawa Power Plant, with an output of 2,820 KW, but most of them don’t even reach 1 MW.

…and thermal power plants at full capacity.

You’re talking about traditional fossil fuel plants. Those burn mainly coal and natural gasses, and release lots of radioactive material into the atmosphere every day. Much more than nuclear power plants. If you’re proposing to run more of these, then you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. But hey, I’ll tell you the same thing as before: show me data proving that I’m wrong, and I’ll switch to your side.

Japan built these reactors under the banner of peacefully using nuclear power, but the real reason is that the government wants nuclear weapons.

Did you make this up by yourself too? Again, wrong. The fuel used in nuclear reactors is not rich enough to be used for nuclear weapons. Some reactors in the Fukushima Daiichi plant use low-enriched uranium (3-4% concentration), and you need highly-enriched uranium (90% concentration) to use in nuclear weapons.

Only now have they even started mentioning plutonium – the most dangerous substance in the world!

No. What you’re doing is called demagogy. The most dangerous substance in the world is Botulinum toxin (also known as botox). Sources here and here. Plutonium isn’t that dangerous as you’re trying to people believe. But feel free to show me your data proving otherwise.

Fukushima Reactor No. 3 is a plutonium-thermal reactor,

This is actually true. Fukushima Reactor 3 runs on either low-enriched uranium or mixed-oxide fuel (MOX). MOX fuel is actually a mix of uranium with a small part of surplus weapons-grade plutonium. After the plutonium has been used to generate electricity, it can’t be used anymore to create weapons. Are you against that?

Just how many people’s lives will they sacrifice to cover up their crimes?

Yeah, how many? How many people have died from nuclear power plant incidents after Chernobyl? Tell me, how many?

Plutonium is far deadlier than other radioactive materials. If you breath in even just a tiny amount, it attacks your cells and destroys their DNA so they can’t reproduce.

No. Radium is about 200 times more dangerous than plutonium. Incidentally, the thermal power plants that you want to run at full capacity are one of the main causes of radium in the environment.

That’s the stuff that leaked out, but for a long time, those bastards never even mentioned plutonium.

No. The stuff that leaked out were isotopes of caesium and iodine.

Anyway, the full video is almost 20 minutes long, and the lies and misconceptions that I’ve addressed are just the ones in the first 7 minutes. I’m not going to waste more of my time correcting your mistakes.

My purpose with this post was mainly to show how the anti-nuclear crowd is violent, irrational, and most of the time don’t tell the truth.

If you feel that I’m mistaken, then show me. I base my reasoning on existing data, so if you can show me that I’m wrong, then I’ll happily move to your side and become an anti-nuclear protester too.

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