The night of the Japan earthquake

Posted by in Japan | March 13, 2011

Note: two days after the 2011 earthquake in Japan I wrote a post explaining my experience and what I saw on my walk home. That post was lost after I updated the blog and discarded the old database. I see in my web server logs that I still get lots of request for the old article, so I’m posting the photos again, together with comments from what I can remember. — July 12th, 2012

These are my experiences from March 11th 2011, when a big earthquake hit Japan. I was on my lunch break at work in Ginza (central Tokyo) when the earthquake hit. After it was decided that we would close the store for the rest of the day, I walked around 20km home because there was no public transportation.

Read the comments on the photos below for a description of what I was on the way home.

More photos after the pause.

2:49pm. Earthquake hits while we’re at work. Employees and customers are instructed to get cover under the tables.

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Custom-made bag for Macbook Air 11″

Posted by in Apple,Gadgets,Retro | February 6, 2011

A friend gave me this cool custom-made carrying bag for my 11″ Macbook Air. It is made from an old Japanese yukata.


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