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Relearning MSX #33: Numeric notations in MSX-C

Posted by in How-to,MSX,Retro,Technology,Uncategorized | November 8, 2015


In previous posts we’ve seenhow to perform operations with numbers, and we also know how to print decimal numbers on the screen.

During the next two posts we’re going to learn what numeric types MSX-C supports, how we (the programmers) can represent numbers in our programs, and how to print numbers in different notations.

Let’s dig in:

Four different notations

MSX-C understands four different numeric notations: decimal, hexadecimal, octal and character constants (remember that internally the computer sees these as a number).

Number formats in C

Number formats in C

Let’s see what they’re useful for:

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Relearning MSX #18: Structure of an MSX-C program

Posted by in MSX,Retro,Technology,Uncategorized | March 20, 2015

In the last post we saw a very brief example of command line parameters, and we learnt about input/output redirection and pipes.

This week we’re going to see the structure of a program written in C. This post is intended as an introduction for users who haven’t programmed in the C language before. If you have coded anything in C before then you can completely skip it.

A few characteristics of C programs

If you’ve been an MSX user for a long time then it’s likely that you’ve seen lots of MSX BASIC programs. If that’s the case, then you’ll immediately notice several differences:


C program (left) and MSX BASIC program (right). Click to enlarge.

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