Bye-bye, Facebook

Posted by in Internet, Privacy, Social networks, Stupidity | June 26, 2012

Sorry, Facebook. This time you’ve crossed the line.

I read just a few moments ago in Slashdot that Facebook has replaced its users’ default email address with a email address. I wasn’t very happy at all with Facebook before, and this, if true, would be the last straw, so I had to go and confirm it.

And yes, it is true. My profile now shows a email address (that I’ve never used and don’t intend to) instead of my real email address.

This is already too much. I’ve already deleted all my photo albums from my Facebook account, and over the next few days I’ll complete the process of removing as much content as possible and disabling the account. I have to write down the email address of people I want to keep in touch with, untag myself from my friends’ photos, and post a notice in my profile saying that I’m not there anymore.

I will still log in to Facebook during the next few days in order to remove all content from there, but from now on, if you want to get in touch with me, feel free to send me an email directly to my real email address:



5 comments on “Bye-bye, Facebook

  1. Iban: No se trata de que sustituyan a mi email personal o no. Se trata de que Facebook ha estado tomándose ya demasiadas libertades con la información personal de sus usuarios. A mí me ha parecido demasiado esto de que me asignen una dirección de mail en y la pusieran como dirección de mail principal, sin consultar, ni avisar, ni darme la posibilidad de desactivarla.

    A lo mejor a ti no te parece un problema muy grave, pero a mi sí. Yo por aquí ya no paso, y por esto doy de baja mi cuenta.

    • toni on said:

      Creo que tienes muchísima razón y estoy de acuerdo con tigo, acabo de comprobar que me han hecho exactamente lo mismo… a partir de ahor pensaré si vale la pena seguir en caradelibro yo no..! un abrazo.

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