Hot weather

Posted by in Japan, Non-important | July 31, 2012

Shopping street near Oyama station

It’s a very, very beautiful day today with a very clear sky.

It’s also very, very hot with very high humidity. It’s comfortable at home with the air conditioner, but going outside means being hit in the face with a heatwave. Same thing as when you’re walking on the street and a huge bus goes past you and the hot air exhaust from the air conditioner hits you in the face. Except the bus stays there until you go back inside.

Residential streets in Tokyo at lunch time. Not a soul.

I just come from an appointment and I had to walk to the train station. The residential streets are completely empty. You can’t see a living soul on the street under this sun. Walking for just a few minutes implies sweating like a pig.

And still, I love the Japanese summer. :-)

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