MATRIX: Quest for Deliverance (MSX game)

Posted by in Fun, Games, MSX, Retro | December 31, 2014

Here’s a game for MSX2 computers that I released on October 1994. It was never released commercially, but I gave copies to friends. I’m now releasing it to the public domain.

The game is just another Breakout / Arkanoid clone. It has great FM-PAC / Music Module music composed by Carlos García. I’m guilty of all the coding and graphics.

It runs fine on the openMSX emulator, but at least on my computer (a 2010 Mac Pro) the timings aren’t correct and the music breaks up a bit. You will need to run the emulator with both the fmpac ROM and the mbstereo extension to be able to listen to the music.

Download the disk image here (now public domain): (206 KB)

Thanks RCastillo for recovering this!






10 comments on “MATRIX: Quest for Deliverance (MSX game)

  1. The default SDL renderer doesn’t perform well on Mac it seems. Try the following console command:

    set renderer SDLGL-PP

    Should run much quicker now. Also try running the emulator full-screen (Command-F). If there’s still audio problems, try increasing the sample buffer (at the cost of lag).

    set samples 1024

    p.s. You can query the current value by omitting the new value.

  2. Manuel on said:

    Great great stuff! Good to have this released, it’s definitely worth it! :)

    Just nitpicking here to clarify stuff:
    You wrote “run the emulator with both the fmpac ROM and the mbstereo extension”.
    What exactly do you mean with “run with the fmpac ROM”? Do you mean you have to use the fmpac extension or do you mean you need to have that ROM available?

    In any case, the latter is true. You need that ROM as the mbstereo extension relies on it. But you do not need to add the fmpac extension if you already run the mbstereo extension.

    SDLGL-PP should work on any modern system. Is it possible you have some old (shader) stuff in your ~/.openMSX/share folder? Normally you only need to have your systemroms there. So you can move other stuff out of the way.

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