MoonBlaster Mania (MSX music disk)

Posted by in Gadgets, MSX, Music, Retro | January 02, 2015

Another old application programmed by me in 1993 or 1994. This one is a music disk for MSX2 computers (or higher) with at least an FM-PAC. Also supports MSX Audio for stereo sound and digital samples. I thought this was already available in The MSX Archive, but looks like it wasn’t. I’m also releasing this one to the public domain.

Get it here: (180 KB)

It works fine under the openMSX emulator with the mbstereo extension.

Most of the songs are by Carlos García. Graphics, code, and the two crappy songs (guess which ones) are all my fault.

NOTE: The samples in the last song (‘Warrior‘) seem to be corrupted. It doesn’t matter much, because we used this same song for the intro of MATRIX.

Thanks Paco for reminding me about this one, and mars2000you for pointing an online archive that still had it!


MoonBlaster Mania

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