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(Update: Kai stole the ship graphics from here. See below)

(Update 2: I was wrong about Kai stealing the ship images. He has shown proof that he purchased these models back in November 4th. I apologize to Kai for asserting he had stolen these two images, when he did legally purchase them)

For the last ~20 years I’ve been a user of the MSX Resource Center, but differences with the staff made me leave yesterday. To be precise, I cannot accept the childish behaviour of one of the administrators: Sander Zuidema (snout).

The problem revolves around the user Oscar Albero (Kai Magazine). To summarize:

  • Oscar is releasing a new game called Life On Mars, which he’s selling for 39 euro (about $42).
  • Life On Mars uses graphics stolen from Nintendo’s Metroid Fusion and at least two other sources.
  • User Arkhan (Andrew Darovich, who is himself a game developer) notices the stolen content and calls Oscar out on this.
  • Oscar evades the point, going on a tangent on how much work he has put on the game (he claims “over 1000 hours”) and lying about having created “over 90%” of the content.
  • Admin snout joins the discussion, insulting Arkhan calling him a nutjob and posting an offensive image.
  • Meits (Jelle Jelsma, another admin) joins the conversation and takes sides against Arkhan. Arkhan is forced to defend himself from the insults of Oscar, snout, Meits and Grauw (Laurens Holst, who joins the others).
  • Arkhan obviously gets more and more frustrated.
  • snout makes things worse by childishly posting a log from the #msxdev IRC channel at Rizon. The log shows that users on IRC are also discussing Kai stealing the Metroid graphics.
  • One of the users on IRC happens to be GuyveR800 (Patriek Lesparre), who snout has personal issues with.
  • snout bans Arkhan from because of his association with Patriek on #msxdev
  • I join the thread and explain how I agree with Arkhan’s point (the graphics ARE stolen), and that he shouldn’t be insulted (and much less banned!) for telling the truth. For this I get put down on the thread while simultaneously other users are insulting me on a closed MSX-related Facebook group for agreeing with Arkhan.

I will not put up with this childish behaviour, so I’ve left both (I’ve requested them to delete my accounts there) and also the MSX Boixos Club Facebook group.

As I said in my farewell post there, I don’t think is helping the MSX user community in any way. In fact, I believe this kind of behaviour is seriously damaging the community by creating a hostile environment for those of us who dare to call out the dishonesty of users such as Oscar. By attacking and forcing us out, over time only the incompetent idiots remain active on, and this can be plainly seen nowadays after several years of this behaviour going on.

Regarding whether the graphics are original or not:


Is that true? Let’s compare:

This is one of the screenshots from the intro of Life On Mars:


Screenshot from Life in Mars’ intro

And this is the wallpaper where it came from. The other screens in the intro (the spaceship and the big crater) show the same dithering as this one, so it is fair to assume they’ve been taken from somewhere as well.

Update: the ships used on the cover and intro of the game are these models from big ship, small ship. He legally purchased them. So much for the “most graphics are originally made by me”.



These are a couple of screens from Life On Mars:


And these are the Metroid Fusion levels you ripped the graphics from:


So Kai, it is not true that you’ve spent 1000 hours creating that content.

And as Arkhan correctly pointed out, using the Metroid Fusion tileset is illegal.


Regarding snout:


(Click to enlarge)

Really, Sander? This is not how somebody representing the MSX Resource Center should behave in a forum post. You’re supposed to be objective and impartial. You’re supposed to be able to understand what’s being discussed and tell truth from hype. You’re supposed to descalate the situation instead of posting even more inflamatory messages.

You did no such thing, you fucking idiot.


Were you posting while drunk? He got annoyed and frustrated because YOU did exactly the opposite of what you were supposed to do!

It’s a shame that what once was such an important site for the MSX community has devolved into this big steaming pile of garbage. Unfortunately, the problem is that the MSX Resource Center is today the only place one can go for MSX-related news and discussion forums.

For now.

P.S.: From now on I’ll be in the #msxdev channel in

7 comments on “Statement regarding Kai Magazine and

    • Fernando on said:

      sigue así chico, o que no has conseguido con tu esfuerzo, lo conseguirás con el de los demás.

      Por cierto donde están los mensajes de animo y el protagonismo que buscas?

      Luego serán cientos los mensajes de apoyo que recibiste y que nadie vio… xD

      sigue así, que vas camino del ridículo perfecto

  1. Das mucha pena Javi. Realmente no pensaba que tu actuabas asi,pero tras todo esto han salido todos los trapos sucios tuyos y me he quedado a cuadros. Tu hablas de que han robado graficos del Metroid Fusion,pues casi que lo veo mejor que el robar la pagina de AAMSX.
    No se,pero me da la impresion de que estas pagando tu fracaso con el buen trabajo de los demas. Dedicate a hacer algo de provecho para la comunidad y cierra el pico,que aqui hay mucha gente a la que le gusta todo esto y no tenemos ganas de que venga un amargado a jodernos la fiesta. Si estas jodido porque nadie te da palmaditas en la espalda (entre otras cosas porque no haces nada para merecerlas),no lo pagues con los que si las merecen.
    Una gran decepcion para muchos,la verdad.

  2. John Sanders on said:

    In my opinion, if you compare the two images from Life on Mars with Metroid Fusion, they are very similars, but not the same. It is possible that Metroid Fusion was a model to Life on Mars but I do not think that the grafics were stolen.

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