Relearning MSX #5: Setting up the MSX-C environment (part 1)

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17 comments on “Relearning MSX #5: Setting up the MSX-C environment (part 1)

  1. Hi,

    Great post!

    Some alternative solutions just FYI:
    – instead of using the command line to setup the default machine, you can also set it with the OSD menu under Hardware. This won’t insert the IDE interface, though.
    – But for that, you could use a boosted MSX turboR machine configuration Boosted_MSXturboR_with_IDE (and use the default 100MB hard disk image)
    – Or, alternatively, start up with the new default machine (e.g. that Panasonic FS-A1GT), insert the IDE extension via the OSD menu, power off, and save the current state. Use that state later to start with the IDE extension (with the right hard disk image).
    – save_settings_on_exit is on by default
    – get all system ROMs in one go by unzipping the zip file you can find here in the place where you put the specific files:

    Have fun! :)

  2. Nice post!
    Easy to follow for beginners.
    Although I am a MSX user since 1984 I’ve been reading and practicing with “Relearning MSX” just for fun and now I’m looking forward for next chapter :)

  3. Hi Javi,
    Really practical and easy to follow articles!
    You make a great job, I will follow your series and maybe use them after translating in French in my blog (if you are agree off course).. My aim Is to construct a Z80 SBC first but who knows for the future :-)

  4. Eduard Biete on said:

    Hey Javi! ;) Nice to read you after so many years!

    Getting myself also into nostalgia mode and installing a retro gaming platform on the PI2. Just compiling last version of openMSX (the one shipped with RetroPie doesn’t work).

    Let’s go to the next posts!

  5. Hi! Congrats on this series!
    I’m having a problem when I type the
    ‘diskmanipulator create MSXC12HD.dsk 32m 32m 32m 32m’ line on the console. I get a
    ‘Couldn’t create image: Error opening file “MSXC12HD.dsk”: Permission denied.

    I’m running openMSX 0.12.0 with all the roms and files you mentioned to download. I get the Panasonic FS-A1GT on the windows title, so I guess I did everything allright.

    Any tips?

    • Hi Daniel,

      Looks like it’s a problem with file permissions in your computer. Can you let me know a couple things?

      – What operating system are you running? (Windows, OS X, Linux…)

      – How are you starting the emulator? (running it from the command line, starting it from an icon, etc…)


      • Javi, thanks for the quick answer.
        As soon as I read the ‘file permissions’ question I realized I had to run opanMSX as admin. Everything’s fine now (except for my pride, lol).

        I’m running it on a Win7 64-bit PC.

        Again, thank you for you kind reply.

        I used to play with a brazilian Gradiente MSX 1.1 when I was a kid (mostly with Basic). I’ve been interested in retrocomputing for a while and thought about getting my MSX up and running, but it is in awful conditions. So while I can’t manage to get another I decided to get an emu to settle the nostalgia down for a while. That’s when I found you postings, and I’m glad i found it. Will keep following.


  6. Aymen on said:

    Panasonic FS-A1GT firmware: fs-a1gt_firmware.rom
    Panasonic FS-A1GT kanji ROM: fs-a1gt_kanjifont.rom
    Sunrise ATA-IDE firmware:

    these roms are no longer available

    • You’re right. Looks like these ROMS have been removed from the archive they were in.

      I’ll check for a different location later and update the links later from work.

      Thanks for letting me know!

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