FTP server running on my FS-A1GT

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Yep, my MSX turbo R at home is now connected to the Internet and acting as an FTP server. It is connected to my home network using the Tecnobytes Ethernet Cartridge and running Konamiman’s ObsoFTP server over his Internestor Lite TCP/IP stack.



Feel free to play with it if you want to do some testing. It’s serving an almost empty 32MB partition on my B: disk (a CF card).

URL: (any user name and password will work) Edit: the server is offline now, but read below for a couple of interesting updates…

It will remain there for a few hours today and maybe tomorrow, so hurry if you want to play. Oh, and it only accepts one connection at a time, so you won’t be able to connect if someone else is connected already. Sorry, no multitasking! :-)


This is the machine you’re connecting to:


Update 2 (October 16th 23:55):

The test is over for now. The FTP server initially contained a few test files (just a bunch of C programs), and apparently somebody deleted those (sorry, no logs). Thanks to everyone who tested it, and especially to those of you who uploaded files and left text messages. These are the contents of the upload directory at the end of the test:

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

Stay tuned for the review!

8 comments on “FTP server running on my FS-A1GT

    • Nah, nobody in his sane mind would believe that there would be someone out there who is crazy enough to write a TCP/IP stack for an 8-bit machine, and on top of that write an standards-compliant FTP server. :-p

    • Edu Robsy on said:

      Of course, the lack of multitasking could be an issue here. But every cloud has a silver line: forget about malware or virus while using this hardware :D

      • Sd-Snatcher on said:

        There is a web server, but only for the preUnapi inl.

        If you run it on a Philips 8280 the people can press a button in the web and capture images from video-in and watch it on web.

        It’s on files section of hispamsx mailinglist.

        It´s made with Pascal.

    • By the way, embedding the IMG tag in the HTML code doesn’t work well, because the browser sends the request for the image while the first HTTP request is still active. The second request doesn’t work (unless you have the index.htm file cached and your browser only requests the image).

      #8bitproblems :-)

      • Edu Robsy on said:

        I’m using here Mozilla Firefox (41.0.1) under Linux Mint 64-bit 17 and it works like a charm. I mean: even if the IMG tag access the href by means of FTP protocol, everything loads fine and the image is perfectly displayed (although with some heavy lag). But you’re right about your diagnostic: Chrome does not display the image :(

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