Update on the DRIVER TEST hardware

Posted by in Gadgets, Hardware, MSX, Retro, Technology | November 21, 2015

You may remember that last May I wrote about the Spanish government using MSX computers in their coordination tests to obtain a driver’s license.

Shortly after publishing that article a user on Facebook wrote to let us know that in some locations (such as his city) these machines are still in operation. However, he was unable to send any photos.

Recently another user from Spain (Valkyr on went to renew his driver’s license and found out that the examination center in his city is still using an MSX computer: a Mitsubishi ML-G1. Valkyr was kind enough to take some photos. These were taken on November 6th, 2015:

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

Who knows how many of these are still in operation!

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