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Game review: Uwol, Quest For Money (MSX2)

Posted by in Fun,Games,MSX,Retro,Reviews,software,Technology | June 19, 2016


Back in 2009 the Spanish group Mojon Twins released Uwol, Quest For Money for the Spectrum 128K and made the full game and source code freely available for download. Later, in 2010, Shiru released a Sega Genesis port based on Mojon Twins’ code.

Now (June 2016) Imanok releases an MSX2 version. This is the one this review is about.

Uwol, Quest For Money - MSX2 title screen (click to enlarge)

Uwol, Quest For Money – MSX2 title screen (click to enlarge)

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Posted by in MSX,Retro,software,Technology | October 14, 2015

In the early-mid 80s Microsoft created Multiplan, a spreadsheet application available for several 8-bit platforms such as the Commodore 64, the Apple II, and the CP/M operating system. This is the application that preceded Excel.

I knew that Microsoft partnered with ASCII Corporation to release an MSX-only version, called MSX-PLAN and available as a ROM cartridge. However, I had never seen the actual cartridge and was unable to find a dump of the ROM online anywhere.

Until now.

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